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TFS (Thanks for Service) is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization with a specific focus on supporting our Emergency First Responders, Active Military, and Veteran Community and their families.  ​TFS was created as a way to say thank you and honor the selfless sacrifices of these heroes and their families.

The daily realities of these professions can affect the health and well-being of these brave men and women, as they face a constant need to be vigilant, spend long hours working and away from their families, and have exposure to the daily tragedies of life, and regular interaction with people who are in crisis or hostile towards them.

The health, safety, and overall well-being of these brave men, women, and their families is the priority of TFS. Our first responders, service members, and veterans should NEVER be left with a bill or have to choose between caring for the needs of their families vs. choosing care and treatment.  

TFS seeks to honor these sacrifices by raising money to support the mental, physical, and spiritual needs that come as a result of their service.  

We are excited to share ways in which you can get involved and say THANK YOU for serving our communities and country. 


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Access To Mental Health Care

TFS is proud to partner with the ROCK of REFUGE Counseling Center ( and their counselors to provide access to trained first responder and military counselors. These counselors have specific training, experiences, and backgrounds in each of these areas. Many of the counselors are family members of first responders and/or military and veterans. 

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Spiritual Care and Support 

TFS works to connect and support our community by providing access to trained first responders and military chaplains. Many of the chaplains we work with have served in many of the same roles as our heroes and have found a calling in continuing their life of service to the spiritual care and development of their peers. In addition, TFS works to support our local faith community by providing workshops on how they can support the heroes within their congregations. 

Training and Education  

TFS is dedicated to providing our community and its supporters access to education and information to understand and support our heroes and their families through the dissemination of a monthly newsletter, social media interaction, and monthly workshops hosted in person and online on specific topics in support of these special communities.  

In addition, TFS provides trained instructors to help facilitate the first responder community in developing and supporting active peer teams and critical incident response planning and deployment. 


2922 Audrey Drive. Gastonia NC 28054 


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