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The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the Preside

From The Hearts of Heroes

From The Hearts of Heroes

The project we call, From the Hearts of Heroes, began as a way to help individuals find healing and peace by telling their stories of pain, healing, and restoration. Each of their stories is then translated into an artistic format that honors their sacrifice and courage. 

Everyone Has a Story word written on wood block. Storytelling copywriting business concept

As a way to continue their honor and service, we are paying it forward by taking these artistic pieces and providing an opportunity for you to help us raise the money needed to ensure no hero or their family member is ever left with a bill for seeking support. This is an opportunity to have their journey recorded for history while creating beautiful art and music that brings hope and healing in many ways. This is an opportunity to say "Thanks" for your service. We are forever grateful and have your back. 

As pieces of the art become available for purchase, we will display the sample here along with a brief bio. You can purchase the piece in the Hero Store or share your appreciation by donating any amount so that we can ensure our heroes and their families get the care and support they so greatly deserve. 

Current Projects

Warriors Wings:

The story of Warriors Wings was produced in honor of the service and sacrifice of CW4 Andy Miller.

Written By: Chad Sorrow

Please stay tuned for the updated release of Warrior Wings.

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